Afternoon Rows

Entry 2

I am continuing my Isolation Diary. I think this makes me get rid off the thoughts of the day. Afternoons are my favorites. I am somehow well organised so I finish everything in the morning.

Photo by Mitchell Gaiser on Unsplash

I love spending time on my couch, I love my couch, having tea and looking at stuff. Today was my free day so I was cooking ”Spicy beef with rice”, playing poker. Gaby was busy in the office. Suddenly, my boss was calling me. Guess what? I forgot to send a very important email yesterday, today was the deadline and they send me a kind reminder. I send it fast and then that was all.

The rest of the day, I was playing poker and learning poker on Masterclass platform. On the next hours I will listen music and read “The artist’s way”. After 8 I will make my exercises and maybe have an apple. I hope you will have a nice afternoon!

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