Back to life

Last week I felt so down, no creativity, no inspiration. Now I am really good.

This quarantine makes me cook a lot. Yesterday, I backed pizza and two days ago I made ”Savarine”, traditional Romanian sweets. Looking at what I wrote, I realized that I was creative but in the cooking department.

I received from my best friend an invite to Masterclass and I am learning from Gordon Ramsey to cook. I made some chicken and it was amazing. I am honored to be able to look at him and learn. I am a huge fan, I love Masterchef and I saw the show from different countries.

I am also playing poker and learning how to play poker from Daniel Negreanu. I have to say that I am learning a lot. I feel bad to say this but in this quarantine I am really happy. I have time to do everything I was procrastinating for years. I do not understand people that are always complaining.

See below my pizza. I used corn because I did not have mushrooms. The last picture is with my candles, my night set up. I love candles.

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