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One year ago I took a leap of faith

Today is our two years anniversary since we moved to Munich. Time really flies by when you are having fun!

This post is not about the moving, even though that decision makes me happy every day. This post is how I used writing to myself a better person.

One year ago I started to read ”The artist’s way” by Julia Cameron, after 2 chapters I took a break from the book (one year break), but I was writing my morning pages everyday. According to this amazing book, writing 3 pages every morning, is a life changing exercise. I could not agree more. After this year, if I review my life, I have everything I want. No, it is not a ”The secret” book, it is the secret to your inner thoughts, the ones we don’t want to listen.

You may ask when I realized that this pages are gold for me. I have a good answer, this week. It sounds funny, but after I started to read the book again, (I am almost done) it was a morning when I woke up with a migraine and I just forgot to write. That morning was so bad for me!!!! My mind was so fuggy and clouded, I was a pack of nerves and I didn’t understand what is wrong with me. After finishing my job, I was on the couch, reading, and I realized I did not write my pages. This is how I learned that My Morning Pages are my favorite morning activity.

I this year, I quit smoking, coffee, I picked up good habits like making sport from home, embracing my inner artist and showing my art to people. Now, I feel more like myself and I am living my dream. I hope you will also find your own path.

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