Random questions of life

To be you or to be average?

I am really new in this blogging thing and I am trying to learn as much as possible. Reading advises and watching YouTube is kind of disappointing for me. The main reason for blogging is making money. I see how everyone wants to monetize this as soon as possible.

I try not to judge but I feel that blogging for me is something personal. I was looking at an article that explained how often is normal to post per week. I feel like I can post as much as I have inspiration to do it. If someone is giving me their time, I am giving them a part of my mind, a real part, from the real world.

After all this research, I feel that I should stop this search and just follow my instinct regarding this blog. I am trying to do what I feel as much as possible. I hope that you will do it too, we have time now to think about this.

Stay home, stay safe!

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