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Isolation – how to remain well at home

Me and my husband are introverts so our social life was not impacted so much during this period. I am really sorry for the people that are suffering right now and we are staying at home in order not to impact other people. I believe that all of us should think that we are infected and we need to protect other people. I think that this is our responsibility as mature people.

In out normal program, we used to go in the park for walks. This week, just after two days since we did not go outside, I realized that I am starting to loose the concept of time. This scared me a little because we are working from home and I am writing a morning journal, so I am always writing down the date. In order to remember the days by the date, I decided to make every day special.

  • I am finishing all the books I have started. This is special because, before the isolation, I did not have time to read so I will remember that yesterday I have finished book ”x” and ”y”.
  • I am playing WOW and I am paying attention to the level I have, tracking my progress.
  • I am cooking something good and tasty.
  • I am planning to write 2 or 3 articles per week, maybe more, as this is something that I was postponing since forever.
  • I am drawing something that makes me happy and excited every day.

I know that some of you have kids, we do not so I can only assume that you can engage then in your daily activity. From my point of view, the best activity for kids is drawing.

Enjoy this period and learn more about the members of your family, stay home as much as possible and make everyday a magic day.

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