Random questions of life

New name, new look

When I started this blog, I wanted to concentrate just on recipes and photos with food, so I intended to make it professional. That meant in my head a classic, simple look with no personal touch. Now, after a month or two, I’ve realized that this is not the way I am.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I need to put my personal touch in everything (@food_and_my_thoughts). This morning, while having my tea, I re-branded my blog to match me. The logo is another project I had, but fits this perfect. I am also drawing ( @iarinamergea) and trying to grow also my drawing page. Yesterday I drew like i felt, I applied the way I cook , from the heart.

I will prepare in the following days a pizza recipe. This extra free time at home makes me really creative. Me and my husband are working from home so I am really luck in this situation. I am also working on a post with what we do daily, when we are not working.

I hope you will also enjoy this time and you will also stay home.

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