Salty popcorn

When we moved to Germany, I found out that people eat sweet popcorn here. This made me a little sad but I just said I will eat when I will go home for holidays and that’s it. I also don’t own a Microwave so I always waited to go to Romania in order to have some good, old, salty popcorn.

Photo by Charles on Unsplash

A few days ago, I was groceries shopping and I saw a bag of corn and I remembered that, in Romania, before Microwaves, we used to make stove Popcorn. We used to call them ”Floricele” or translated ”Small flowers”.

I bought a bag of 500g and last night I gave it a try. My mom used to tell me that the house will be smokey, I think she did not make it right. :)) If you want to give it a try, see the details below.

  1. get the special Popcorn – corn, oil and salt.

2. Put a pan on the stove, some recommend a medium heat, I did a combination of medium and hot. Please choose a pan with lid, you don’t want to catch popcorn jumping all over the Kitchen. Put oil just to cover the bottom of the pan and add 50 g of corn.

3. In maximum 5 minutes, you will have the first batch of fresh popcorn. Put it in a bowl, add salt, mix it and the popcorn is done. I will add the last photo a made, I have a big bowl so I have made 3 batches of popcorn. 2 with salt and one with butter and salt.

The recipe for butter is the same, just add butter and make it on the medium heat not to burn the butter. I just have to tell you that it does not taste like the one from the store.

I will get my camera soon so please have patience with me 🙂

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