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Can you write a book about misplaced packages?

I think I can. I would also read this :). When we moved to Germany, we had a surprise : here the courier companies don’t call the person, they just leave your order anywhere. Neighbors, under the mat, next building, people from the next building, hallways.

Photo by Andrew Leu on Unsplash

Now, breath deeply and imagine your building complex is being redone and it looks like no one is living there, you do not know that the courier doesn’t call and you don’t speak any German :))).

Our first order from Amazon, in 2018, went great. We were living in a hotel so they left the package at the reception. We thought “Great! Let’s order our couch from Amazon so we will have it delivered in the first day we move in our,not furnished, new rented apartment.”

Great plan, right?! No…it wasn’t. The courier just made a note online that we were not home and they didn’t delivered it. Our first night in our apartment was sleeping on the floor, on some blankets we ordered when we were in the hotel. 😀

Next delivery: 2 big items, a non electric clothing dryer and an Iron table. Those two spend the weekend in the next building, ,in the hallway. Our sweet administrator told us where they were on Monday.

Keep in mind, we were the second family to move in the building that looked as a construction site. Just us and the administrator’s family.

Another time, they left me some packages for the neighbors, no one came to pick them up so I went and left them sticky notes on the door with my phone number. Next time, one of those neighbors received my package.

Why am I writing this you ask? Because I have to go home and call the courier company. My Christmas tree appears Delivered on Amazon but on the DHL tracker appears that they did not found my apartment building. A genius from the Christmas Tree company believes that Name, City and Postal Code is enough to find me. No street, no number. Last night I was in front of my building, in a fluffy, red robe, looking for an AWB or something. No luck.

I also have a packege with a pizza stone that appers delivered to a resident. Who, may you ask? That I also want to know. 😀 I will go home and I will start investigating.

Wish me luck! I really want pizza tonight.

Quit update : the Package was in front of the door so tonight is pizza night!

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