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How to measure food when your cooking is artistic?

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I feel like after yesterday, some things got wired in my head. I believe that the writing process helps you put your ideas in order.

Artistic cooking is what I think I do. When I get in my kitchen, all my stress goes away and I get really excited about what I want to cook. When I am doing my shopping I always smell my ingredients, I always look for new kitchen accessories. This is nothing new, I know all chefs do this, but I admire them for the ability to measure every ingredient, in order to replicate every time, the same taste for the dish.

I have started this blog because I wanted to publish what I am cooking for me and my husband but a problem made me go ”Hmmm, how I am going to do this?! ” I do not measure my food. I was raised in a house where you cook by instinct, you just know what and how much to put in your food.

If I call my mother or Grandmother and ask them about a recipe, I get the following two answers : ” add one mug of the x ingredient…” or ”add some x ingredient until you see is enough”. This made me question my decision about creating a recipe blog. I think people want exact ingredients, like you find on the internet. I do not follow them, I just look over recipes, choose what I feel is correct and then just get inspired and cook.

I saw in a TV show the same problem, Gordon Ramsay was trying to learn a recipe but the wonderful lady was cooking from the heart, with her instinct. You can see here the short Youtube Clip .

I am still thinking about ordering a scale or not. Maybe we should make a club named ”Artistic cooking” and just exchange lists of ingredients and Technics :).

Cooking, singing, painting – I look at them as skills from the heart. Embrace your passion and respect your gifts.

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