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How I learned that painting is not my passion

Black dough pizza for Halloween with green olives and prosciutto

I love cooking. I could not cultivate this passion at home, because my mother and my grandmother were always managing the kitchen, so I never considered this as a potential hobby.

This changed when I moved together with my husband. I was really surprised that he was eating my food and telling me it is good. Sometimes, I believe that he was being really supportive. Not all my food was good, and I am the one to admit this 🙂

The first thing you should know about me is that I used to think that Painting is my passion and I was always struggling to learn how to paint, trying to make art and my dream was to sell paintings. This year was a learning year, I discovered so much about me and I think I found myself. 2019 , the year of self search.

In my spare time I watch cooking shows, but not like normal people do. I scream the correct answer when Chef is asking the contestant, I am excited to see weird combinations, I am like a cheerleader for cooking shows. After seeing me putting so much passion in Cooking shows, one day my husband laughed at me and told me it is really funny that I believe Painting is my passion. I was a little surprised because the conclusion came out of nowhere and I asked ”Why do you say that?”. He answered : “You never look people painting for fun.”

In that moment, my Universe expanded :)) He was so right. I was already started to test professional recipes , to buy cooking supplies and expand my kitchen skills also in the Baking area. I am cooking almost daily, after work to relaxed and I was still thinking painting is my passion. After realizing that my husband was right, 2 days I was really happy that I have a hobby that I am already good at. Right now I am cooking and enjoy this every day.

I hope you will also find your real passion, life is too short to be stuck in a hobby that is making you feel frustrated. The “meant to be” passion should be something that you make so easy and it gives you joy every time.

You can see below a few pictures with dishes that make me proud.

Halloween Cemetery Cheesecake
Halloween Cupcakes
Cake for two with two layers.

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